Frequently Asked Questions

What is a notary public?


A notary public is licensed by the state to witness the signing or execution of certain documents and verify the authenticity of the signer or signers in relation to the signatures provided on such forms. The notary public also administers affirmations and oaths in the process of notarization to establish acknowledgement with the signer(s) that all statements in the document are true.

Why do documents need notarization in the first place?


What notarization essentially does is create a public record, so this in turn prevents fraud. It prevents someone other than the person designated on the form from signing the document and using it for purposes that were not intended on the document.

What identification is needed for notarization? 


Any unexpired state or government-issued ID such as state ID, driver's license or passport should be adequate.

What if my ID is expired, lost or stolen, and I have no other forms of ID?

Don't fret, not all hope is lost. If you don't have proper ID, you can have one or two credible witnesses verify your identity. Only one credible witness is needed if that individual is personally known by the notary but two credible witnesses will be needed if neither individuals are not personally known by the notary. In either case, credible witnesses must provide proper identification and confirm you are who you say you are on the documents. The witnesses cannot have any vested interest in the document or be named in the document, and they will have to take an oath attesting the identity of the signer.

Are thumbprints always needed for notarization?


Thumbprints are not necessary unless you are notarizing documents like powers of attorneys, trusts, grant deeds, or any similar forms involving real property. For documents not involving real property, thumbprints are helpful in detering fraud.

What places/areas can you travel to for notarization?


We are a mobile notary service so we will travel to residential homes, shopping malls, Starbucks, hospitals, offices, etc within Santa Clara county. In the event that notarization cannot be completed for whatever reason during the appointment, the travel fee is still applicable and due at the time of service.




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